Content Creation

There is nothing search engines like Google and Bing love more than fresh, unique content and one-way links (Human visitors love unique fresh content too!).
Content truly is king when it come to the internet and search engine rankings. The more unique and fresh content you post to your website the more frequently search engines will crawl and index your site and boost your rankings. Plus, visitors will regard your site as a wonderful information source and begin linking and bookmarking your site. The more links to your site the more relevant search engines assume your website is and the higher it will rank on search
What is it?
Content marketing is the process of generating valuable content that delivers information about your company and your products to your target audience. This content needs to be valuable to your audience in order for it to be effective. In this way it is steers a little away from traditional marketing that typically overtly pushes a product or a service. This doesn’t mean that content marketing can’t work in conjunction with advertising. The relationship between the placement of your content and the placement of your ad can work synergistically to drive consumers to purchase.

Consumers are not as receptive to direct advertisements as they are to quality content. Good content provides information that consumers want or are interested in which in turns helps build your brand recognition and reputation. Coining this content is the tricky part, which is where we come in. Our writers are capable of creating content for any business in any industry.
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Blog Posts
Blogs are a type of content that is updated regularly, usually on a weekly basis. Blog posts generally follow a specific theme and serve the purpose of informing or discussing something. Having a blog component to your website offers many benefits, the first and foremost is tied to SEO. Regularly updated content such as blog posts helps to keep your site active. Whether it’s titled as a blog or not, this type of section features new and original content each week, written by Tom & Co using your industry’s lingo.

In addition, blog posts can be shared across social media as a way to promote your site and keep your social media accounts active and consistent. Regularly updated content in the form of a blog presents your business as an expert in the field that is up-to-date on the latest trends. This makes you more credible to consumers searching the web
Why us?
Our content writers can post unique content to your website regularly. They also write engaging press releases, articles and listings for our client’s businesses and websites frequently. Not only does this help our clients sites rank higher faster, but it also helps them build indexed pages and inbound links (two things search engines like Google and Bing love).

We also have a team of link building experts that will find ways to build as many relevant links to your site as possible. This increases your website’s page rank, search engine rankings and inbound traffic.

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We're so confident in our ability to secure top spots for your firm in search engine results that we offer the only guarantee. If we fail to deliver, you won't be charged - it's as simple as that.

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